Opus Squared
Regulation Crowdfunding

Target: $500,000

Investors: 4

Raised: 15%

Days To Go: 87

Start date: December 30, 2021
End date: December 31, 2022

Minimum Investment:  


Minimum Raise:  


Maximum Raise:  


Minimum Share/Units/%  

2,500 Unit



Estimated Return:  

8% to 10%

Investment Type:  

Real Estate Equity

Securities Type:  

Class A-1 Membership Interests


Opus Squared, LLC


Reg CF via EquityDoor, LLC

Offering at a Glance:

Opus Squared, LLC is looking for investments of $2,500 focused on the purchase, and renovation of distressed properties with a focus on hospitality. Preferred returns of 8% to 10%, with a revenue, split up to 70%. 


We intend to use the net proceeds of this offering for general working capital purposes related to the investment in distressed real estate assets and/or other ventures and opportunities that may present themselves. We will locate investment opportunities utilizing Mike Cernovich’s vast personal network and lean on Mike Bolen’s extensive real estate and business background to analyze and carefully select each investment.  

Invested funds will used for payment of invoices for services rendered relating to development of the Property including but not limited to
(i) direct and indirect costs of acquisition, construction and operation of the Property and similar facilities, and
(ii) legal, accounting, administrative, overhead, marketing and similar costs and expenses associated with completing the Property development plan.

There will be no salaries payable to the Managers or our affiliates during the course of the Property’s development. Our Management will endeavor to supervise the use of funds such that actual value is exchanged upon payment which would contribute towards the building of equity, completion of the Property development plan, and similar or other costs and expenses associated with pursuing the Company’s business objectives.