Opus Reserve, LLC
Test the Waters

Target: $100,000

Investors: 0

Raised: 0%

Days To Go: 190

Start date: June 9, 2022
End date: June 8, 2023

Minimum Investment:  


Price per Minimum Unit:  

$100,000 @1.4 unit

Minimum Share Investment:  

1.4 unit @ $100,000

Our Managing Members reserves the right to accept subscriptions of fractional Units from  qualified persons in its sole discretion

Minimum Target Raise:  


Maximum Reg CF Raise:  


Investment Type:  

Real Estate Equity

Securities Type:  

Limited Partner (B) - Class B

Preferred Stock Terms:  

Class B has a preferred return of 8% which will accrue over the life of the deal. Cash flow from operations will be distributed to Class B investors quarterly. The minimum investment in Class B is $100k. This tier is for investors who want to maximize their returns over the life of the investment. Class B investors will participate in the upside upon disposition or capital events.


Opus Reserve, LLC


Test the Waters vis EquityDoorCap, LLC. 

Offering at a Glance:

All States Equity Group is pleased to present this investment offering of the 63 Units, The OPUS Multifamily Community. Delivered in 2022, The  OPUS is located in the family-oriented, Golden Gate Area of Naples, Florida. A town offering a good quality location with many amenities and easy access and main roads to supermarkets, businesses, beaches, and more with one of the lowest crime rates in Florida. This asset offers spacious one -, two- and three-bedroom apartments with classic and upgraded features with convenient access to work, leisure or go to any major retailers.

OPUS RESERVE LLC (“we”, “our”, “us”, or the “Fund”) is A FLORIDA LIMITED LIABILITY  COMPANY established to acquire the Opus Apartments, a 63-unit multifamily property located  at 5570 16th Place SW, Naples, Florida (collectively, the “Property” or “Properties”).  Our  objective is to maximize our return on investment in the operation and potential future  disposition of the Property.  One of our objectives is to make approximately $1,058,635.00 of  capital improvements on the Property while paying our Investing Members quarterly payments  equal to 8% per annum on their Capital Contributions (the “Preferred Return”) until such time we  redeem (cash out) the Units, in full or in part, of our Investing Members upon refinancing of the  Property’s underlying mortgage debt financing at a higher valuation. Upon redemption of any  portion of the Preferred Units (i.e., a return of your original Capital Contribution plus the  Preferred Return), subscribers will continue to hold non-voting common membership interest in  the Company equal to 1.4% per Unit subscribed in this Offering. (See “Objectives, Strategies  and Proposed Activities”).  Preferred payments after redemption will only be made to Investing  Members on any outstanding Capital Contributions. 
There can be no assurance these objectives will be achieved. 

We are offering Units of Investing Membership Interest (the “Units”) to “accredited investors”  only in accordance available exemptions from registration including, but not limited to, Section  4(a)(5) and/or Rule 506(c) of Regulation D promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as  amended (the “Act”) (the “Offering”). The Units will not be registered under the Act. This document is our Offering Memorandum (this “Memorandum”). This offering is not available to you if you are not an “accredited investor” as defined by Rule 501(a) of the Act. 
This investment involves a high degree of risk further described in the “Risk Factors”  section of this Memorandum. Subscription of these securities should be considered only  if you can afford a possible total loss of your investment. 
Neither the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state securities  commission nor any other jurisdiction authority has approved or disapproved of this offering or determined if this Memorandum is truthful or complete. Any representation to  the contrary is a criminal offense.