KBW MHP Holdings, LLC
Regulation Crowdfunding

Target: $250,000

Investors: 0

Raised: 0%

Days To Go: N/A

Start date: September 13, 2021
End date: September 1, 2022

Minimum Investment: 


Minimum Raise: 


Maximum Raise: 


Minimum Share/Units/% 

$1.00 per unit


60% Limited Partners / 40% General‚ Partners

Estimated Return: 

15.45% cash on cash & 8% preferred return to Limited Partners

Investment Type: 

Residential Real Estate Development

Securities Type: 

Membership Interests


KBW MHP Holdings, LLC


Reg CF via EquityDoor, LLC.

Offering at a Glance:


Purchase and redevelop three Mobile Home Parks in South East Iowa. The market is strong for affordable housing and supply is tight. This project will add 66 new housing units to the market in addition to the cash flow from a 24-unit self-storage facility in one existing park.


KBW MHP Holdings, LLC (“we”, “our”, “us”, or the “Company”) is an Iowa limited liability company formed to acquire and develop one or more mobile home parks in southeastern Iowa, USA (the “Property”).

The Property is designed to service the need for affordable housing and for those seeking both affordability and attainability. By using a system of mobile home-plans and materials selected by our designated home-builder contractor Affiliate, Heartland Craftsman, LLC (owned by Darron Hay (see “Management”)), we believe we can deliver quality and affordability to this growing market segment.

In light of market conditions and/or other factors, we may also hold onto the Property for long-term appreciation and/or cash flow purposes. While there can be no assurance these objectives will be achieved, we intend to use our best efforts toward realizing the highest and best use of the Property. (See “Risk Factors” and “Objectives, Strategies and Proposed Activities”).