Freedom From Loans, Inc. Reg D
Regulation D 506(c)

Target: $100,000

Investors: 0

Raised: 0%

Days To Go: 62

Start date: December 7, 2021
End date: December 6, 2022

Minimum Investment:  


Price per Share:  


Minimum Share Investment:  

120 shares @ 8.34 per share

Minimum Target Raise:  


Maximum all Offerings  


Investment Type:  

Primarily Equity Share Investments

Securities Type:  

Preferred Stock

Preferred Stock Terms:  

Accrued 6% per year dividends, paid when declared, as cash or as additional preferred stock.  Preferred dividends paid in preference to any distributions paid on common stock. Conversion option for 1:1 shares of common stock in event of public offering. Option to request repurchase of Preferred shares by the Company.


Freedom From Loans, Inc.


Reg D 506c for Accredited US Investors, 
Reg S for Non- US Investors,
via EquityDoorCap, LLC.

Offering at a Glance:

Minimum amount of Series A Shares of Preferred Stock being offered


Total Series A Shares of Preferred Stock outstanding after Offering (if minimum amount reached)


Maximum amount of Series A Shares of Preferred Stock


Total Series A Shares of Preferred Stock outstanding after Offering (if maximum amount reached)


Purchase price per Security


Minimum investment amount per investor


Offering deadline

December 6, 2022

Use of proceeds

Primarily Equity Share Investments in Real Estate Properties

Voting Rights

No voting rights



Freedom From Loans, Inc. (FFL) – Overview:

Funds acquired through this offering will be secured by real property syndications that use a unique and disruptive alternative to traditional real estate financing. 

Investments will be made in markets where an above average rate of return is expected based on a combination of appreciation potential and cash flow from operations.

Using FFL’s unique, ”true equity share” plans, preferred shareholders will have a 6% annual return secured by three FFL revenue streams:

1.                   Rental revenues

2.                   Management fees

3.                   Property appreciation gains

Preferred shareholders also have redemption and a 1:1 conversion option to common shares in the event of a public common share stock offering. 


Freedom from Loans, Inc. (FFL) Operations:

FFL is a new company seeking to provide a disruptive approach to funding real estate investments.
  The Company’s True Equity Sharing Plans are designed to eliminate loans and encumbrances of former sole owners or new investors in real estate properties. The Company’s plans can also work in conjunction with partial reductions in loan balances when the former sole owner or new investor wants to retain a higher equity percentage in the property by continuing to maintain some level of personal indebtedness.

FFL is distinctly different from existing firms purporting to be “equity share investors”.
  Traditional equity share investment companies are typically lenders securing their investment by 2nd liens on properties and using equity sharing to enhance their return.

In contrast, Freedom From Loans will typically form an LLC for each property investment and pay down, pay off or assume the existing mortgage which permits the former sole owner or new investor to retain their equity value, With a complete pay off, the equity share plan permits the former sole owner or new property investor to be debt free rather than potentially in trouble staying current on a large debt when unexpected issues arrive with respect to employment, business developments, unexpected medical burdens, and etc.

FFL is designed to provide financial benefits to four very different classes of real estate investments including:

1.                   Financial Distress Situations – Behind in mortgage payments due to financial problems.

2.                   Aspirational Buy Situations -- Young metros seeking space for a growing family or retreat from the city core in a house of their dreams but beyond what they can afford by traditional mortgage lender standards. Alternately, an investor seeking to purchase a property requiring more capital than they have quickly available.

3.                   Senior Citizens – An equity share alternative to traditional reverse mortgages providing cash for enjoyment in senior years and a structure that facilitates passing their home on to heirs without them being forced to sell the property to pay off a reverse mortgage.

4.                   Builder Assist programs – Project completion and fix-and-flip funding plus potential assist in closing sales of completed projects using the True Equity Share Plans of FFL

Naturally, there are differences in the True Equity Share Plans for the different customer classes, but at the core all of the plans, FFL seeks to provide a fair deal to its partners, the former sole owner or new investors in each property, while as the same time providing a superior rate of return to its investors.