100 Technology
Regulation D 506(c)



Target: $4,150,000

Investors: 1

Raised: 1%

Days To Go: 22

Start date: September 30, 2020
End date: November 20, 2020

Minimum Investment:  



100 Technology, LLC

Minimum Raise:  



Preferred Return 7%

Maximum Raise:  


Estimated Return:  

Projected IRR 19.2%

Minimum Share/Units/%  

25 Units

Securities Type:  

Class A & B Memberships

Investment Type:  

Commercial Real Estate


Reg D 506 C


Offering at a Glance:

Each Class A Unit is priced at $1,000. The Minimum Dollar Amount to be raised by the sale of Class A Interests is $4,150,000 . The Maximum Dollar Amount is $5,000,000 (5,000 Units). The Minimum Investment Amount required of a single Investor is $25,000 (or the purchase of 25 Units).

The Manager, in its sole discretion, may accept less than the Minimum Investment Amount. The Class A Members will be purchasing 95% of the Interests in the Company. Distributable Cash from operations will be distributed first to Class A Members, who will receive a Preferred Return of seven percent (7%) annually.

The Offering commenced on September 28, 2020. If the Minimum Dollar Amount has not been raised within 120 days of the date of the first investment by an Investor or such time as the Property is no longer under contract, whichever is later, the Manager will not Break Impounds and all funds, including any interest earned thereon, will be returned to the Investors without deduction. The Manager may elect to keep this Offering open after the Property closes until September 28, 2021.

The Manager has the sole discretion to rescind the Offering prior to Breaking Impounds, or to terminate the Offering prior to raising the Maximum Dollar Amount.


100 Technology Drive (the “Property”), a 68,412 square foot, single story flex, Class B office asset located within the Interlocken Business Park along the Denver-Boulder corridor in Denver’s Northwest submarket.

100 Technology is fully leased to a stable tenant base of technology and professional service companies. Strategically located in the Interlocken Business Park, the heart of the Denver- Boulder Corridor, 100 Technology Drive is positioned to take advantage of the Northwest market’s strong business drivers and attract companies from both vibrant business centers.

In 2019, Interlocken Business Park experienced rent growth of 3.5%, given the supply constraint nature of the park this trend will likely continue especially as the corridor from Downtown Denver to Boulder continues to attract the top companies from the market’s growing business sectors.

With modest existing lease rates and a significant discount to replacement cost, 100 Technology Drive represents the rare opportunity to acquire a single-story flex office building with strong tenancy at an attractive yield within the preferred covenant controlled Interlocken Business Park.