Zenith StorageX
Regulation D 506(c)



Target: $1,500,000

Investors: 8

Raised: 20%

Days To Go: N/A

Start date: August 11, 2020
End date: August 30, 2021

Minimum Investment:  


Minimum Raise:  


Maximum Raise:  


Minimum Share/Units/%  

7 Units


Up to 25%

Estimated Return:  

Dividend Yield 4.52%-21.57%

Investment Type:  

Real Estate

Securities Type:  

Class A Membership Units


4580 E. Carey Avenue LLC


Reg D 506 C

➢ Investor will receive a one-time special dividend of 8.00% upon commencement of construction

Capitalize on Investing in Recession Resistant Storage as Recreational Vehicle and Marine Economy Surges:

  • Providing both significant capital appreciation and cash flow.   
  • Tremendous growth in the demand for recreational vehicles and boats ($45 billion market) with an increasing desire to live a mobile lifestyle
  • Covid-19 has accelerated telecommuting and emphasized benefits of exploring America
  • Currently minimal competition and a shortage of high security, luxury amenity, enclosed RV, boat and car, individual unit storage in Las Vegas
  • Closest competitor facility 17 miles away from our location 
  • Close to Lake Mead, the Las Vegas Strip and freeway with high car traffic counts.

Dividend yield projected to be 4.57% beginning 2023, growing annually up to 21.17% within 15 years.  

Capital appreciation expected to achieve 2x increase in underlying asset value of facility during first 3 years of development. 

Offering at a Glance:

Purchase property, develop RV, marine and automobile storage and garages, Generate high projected capital appreciation and monthly cash flows.


Mercadyne Automated Properties, LLC and our investors acquire land, design and develop luxury, enclosed storage facilities for recreational vehicles, marine, and exotic cars. We apply automation and cutting-edge hardware and software technologies, high security, digital marketing, active management and financial controls to mitigate human management, drive economic occupancy rates, increase net operating income, stabilize cash flows for multi-decade recurring revenue and creating equity value. We generate a significant increase in the underlying asset value of each facility from the combination of development and compelling land acquisition price. The capital appreciation from the development of our projects is a material component of the overall investment return which occurs antecedent and is accretive to, the return generated from the multi-year cash flow produced, which begins upon completion of development.