Meadow Simple Living Community Development, LLC
Regulation Crowdfunding

Target: $107,000

Investors: 1

Raised: 5%

Days To Go: 105

Start date: January 26, 2021
End date: December 31, 2021

Side-By-Side Raise: Regulation Crowdfunding & Reg D 506C offerings.


Minimum Investment:  


Minimum Raise:  


Maximum Raise:  

Can be up to $1,070,000

Minimum Share/Units/%  

107,000 Units Class A-1 



Estimated Return:  

Up to 34% Unleveraged

Investment Type:  

Real Estate

Securities Type:  



Meadow Simple Living Community Development, LLC


Reg CF via EquityDoor & Reg D 506c via EquityDoorCap

Offering at a Glance:

Class A-1 Investing Units are entitled to receive an annual distribution equal to 70% of the Company’s revenue, capital, or other disposition of assets as the Managers in their discretion may determine are not required for the operation for the Company’s business.


SEC Company Filings: Reg CF & Reg D

For Accredited Investors investing in Meadows Simple Living Community Development via the Reg D 506c - EquityDoorCap, LLC:  please click here:  Meadows Simple Living Community Development, LLC Reg D 506c  


Meadow Simple Living Community Development LLC  is a Colorado limited liability company formed to acquire and develop approximately 10 acres, more or less, in Berthound, Colorado,  located approximately 43 miles north of Denver and 21 miles south of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (the “Property”). We intend to develop the Property into “The Meadow”, an affordable residential single-family housing development also known as a “micro-village” or “simple living community” (the “Community”). The Community is expected to be comprised of approximately 98 single-family residential building lots and homes ranging from between approximately 597 to 1,230 square feet in size. The Community is designed for potential home buyers seeking both affordability and attainability. By using a system of custom-designed, system-built home-plans and materials selected by our designated home-builder contractor, we believe we can deliver quality and affordability to this growing market segment of potential home buyers. In light of market conditions and/or other factors, we may also hold onto the Property for long-term appreciation and/or cash flow purposes. While there can be no assurance these objectives will be achieved, we intend to use our best efforts toward realizing the highest and best use of the Property. (See “Risk Factors” and “Objectives, Strategies and Proposed Activities”).

The intention of this site is to be the first of its kind to deliver a true ownership option for those that want to buy a feasible brand-new home below the market rate. Others have tried to use an affordability approach, where as this effort goes further by balancing costs with opportunity. With a custom designed, system-built home, this development will allow for the consumer to obtain a higher quality product while maintaining a reduced cost, but not compromising in quality. Also, the community will have a mix of different custom designed types of ranch models and two different two-story homes.

We intend to use the net proceeds of this offering for general working capital purposes related to the acquisition and development of the Property. Invested funds will used for payment of invoices for services rendered relating to development of the Property including but not limited to (i) direct and indirect costs of acquisition, construction and operation of the Property and similar facilities, and (ii) legal, accounting, administrative, overhead, marketing and similar costs and expenses associated with completing the Property development plan. There will be no salaries payable to the Managers or our affiliates during the course of the Property’s development. Our Management will endeavor to supervise the use of funds such that actual value is exchanged upon payment which would contribute towards the building of equity, completion of the Property development plan, and similar or other costs and expenses associated with pursuing the Company’s business objectives.

For Accredited Investors investing in Meadows Simple Living Community Development via the Reg D 506c - EquityDoorCap, LLC:  please click here:  Meadows Simple Living Community Development, LLC Reg D 506c