Equity Investment in 3707 Counselor Drive
Regulation D 506(b)

Target: $295,000

Investors: 3

Raised: 3%

Days To Go: N/A

Start date: May 3, 2019
End date: June 17, 2019

Equity Investment in a Single Family Rental Property located in Austin, TX. 3 Year Hold with projected ROI of 20.92%.  Minimum Investment: $1,650 per share - up to 200 total shares.

Offering at a Glance:

Equity Investment in a Single Family Rental Property.  Fully refurbished and already rented, 3707 Counselor is a 3-Bedroom, 2.5-Bath rental home in desirable Austin, TX neighborhood. 

Investment Ownership

   - Rental Cash Flow

   - Equity Appreciation

Minimum Investment: $1,650 per share - up to 200 total shares

Projected ROI: 20.92%


Use of ProceedsPercent of Proceeds Raised @ TargetFunds Raised @ TargetPercent of Proceeds Raised @ MinimumFunds Raised @ Minimum
Total Raise100%$330,000100%$295,000
Property Payoff58.48%$193,00065.42%$193,000
Make Ready1.52%$5,0001.69%$5,000
Issuer Cash Out32.57%$107,49325.38%$74,878
CF Commission4.00%$13,1924.00%$11,787
Issuer Ownership10.30%20.04%
Crowd Ownership89.70%79.96%

The Offering


The Company is offering up to 200 Membership Interests for up to $330,000.00. The Company is attempting to raise a minimum amount of $295,000.00 in this Offering (the "Minimum Amount"). The Company must receive commitments from investors in an amount totaling the Minimum Amount by June 17, 2019 (the "Offering Deadline") in order to receive any funds. If the sum of the investment commitments does not equal or exceed the Minimum Amount by the Offering Deadline, no Securities will be sold in the Offering, investment commitments will be cancelled and committed funds will be returned to potential investors without interest or deductions. The Company has the right to extend the Offering Deadline at its discretion. The Company will accept investments in excess of the Minimum Amount up to $330,000.00 (the "Maximum Amount") and the additional Securities will be allocated at the Company’s discretion. The price of the Securities does not necessarily bear any relationship to the Company’s asset value, net worth, revenues or other established criteria of value, and should not be considered indicative of the actual value of the Securities.


In order to purchase the Securities, you must make a commitment to purchase by completing the Subscription Agreement. Purchaser funds will be held in escrow with North Capital Private Securities Corporation until the Minimum Amount of investments is reached. Purchasers may cancel an investment commitment until 48 hours prior to the Offering Deadline or the Closing, whichever comes first using the cancellation mechanism provided by the Intermediary. The Company will notify Purchasers when the Minimum Amount has been reached. If the Company reaches the Minimum Amount prior to the Offering Deadline, it may close the Offering at least five (5) days after reaching the Minimum Amount and providing notice to the Purchasers. If any material change (other than reaching the Minimum Amount) occurs related to the Offering prior to the Offering Deadline, the Company will provide notice to Purchasers and receive reconfirmations from Purchasers who have already made commitments. If a Purchaser does not reconfirm his or her investment commitment after a material change is made to the terms of the Offering, the Purchaser’s investment commitment will be cancelled, and the committed funds will be returned without interest or deductions. If a Purchaser does not cancel an investment commitment before the Minimum Amount is reached, the funds will be released to the Company upon closing of the Offering and the Purchaser will receive the Securities in exchange for his or her investment. Any Purchaser funds received after the initial closing will be released to the Company upon a subsequent closing and the Purchaser will receive Securities via Electronic Certificate/PDF in exchange for his or her investment as soon as practicable thereafter.


Subscription Agreements are not binding on the Company until accepted by the Company, which reserves the right to reject, in whole or in part, in its sole and absolute discretion, any subscription. If the Company rejects all or a portion of any subscription, the applicable prospective Purchaser’s funds will be returned without interest or deduction.


The price of the Securities was determined arbitrarily. The minimum amount that a Purchaser may invest in the Offering is $1,650.00.