11211 Tyne
Regulation Crowdfunding

Target: $500,000

Investors: 0

Raised: 0%

Days To Go: 10

Start date: October 7, 2019
End date: November 28, 2019

ROI: 27.11%

Annualized ROI: 11.25%

$500,000-1,000,000 Investment for up to 25% of the Membership Interests

Investment Length: 24-27 months

Refined Holdings XI, LLC is pleased to announce our next project located in the prestigious Memorial area of Houston, Texas.

If you have any questions please contact:
Bryan Upton bryan@refinedcustombuilders.com or

Chad Jardine chad.jardine@refinedcustombuilders.com

Phone: 281.589.1185 Fax: 281.589.1287

Note:  Investment offerings are illiquid and involve significant risks, including no guarantee of returns and possible loss of principal invested.

Offering at a Glance:

Please register to join us in an online webinar about the project each Wednesday at 6:00pm central time. https://bit.ly/2OYM6zi  

The Company is purchasing the lot for $1,625,000. We project the construction cost to be $2,572,500, for a total purchase and construction cost of $4,197,500. Based on sales comparables, we project the home will sell for $6,200,000 generating a projected gross profit of $1,084,319. Here are the numbers:

Projected Sale Price                     $6,200,000 

Lot Purchase Price                       $1,625,000 

Projected Construction Costs     $2,572,500 

Purchase Closing Costs                    $32,500 

Projected Holding Costs                 $143,830 

Projected Financing Costs              $331,382 

Projected Realtor Commissions     $310,000 

Projected Sale Closing Costs            $43,400 

Projected Staff Profit Sharing           $57,069 

Projected Gross Profit                  $1,084,319 

Refined Custom Builders, LLC         65% $704,807 

Equity Partners                                 10% $108,432 

Crowdfund Partners via EquityDoor 25% $271,080 



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Refined Custom Builders, LLC



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